DoepferA-100 Starter System (LC6 Case)


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Doepfer A-100 Starter System (LC6 Case)

Doepfer's A-100 Starter System in LC6 case is a profoundly flexible Eurorack modular system, offering immediate access to a huge array of sounds while still offering room for growth and customization. Dispensing of the typical monosynth architecture, this system features multi-functional modules that are capable of everything from conventional to completely outlandish sounds. The A-190-4 USB/MIDI to CV/Gate/Sync Interface affords easy integration into a MIDI-based workflow, and the A-110-2 VCO plus A-106-5 SEM Filter provide the basic building blocks for a conventional synth sound, while modules such as the A-171-2 Serge VCS, A-138c Polarizing Mixer, and A-147-2 VC Delayed LFO offer open-ended options for construction of completely novel signal paths. And of course, the LC6 case offers an open row of space, making it easy to customize the system and turn it into something specifically focused around the owner's creative inclinations.

A-100 Starter System (LC6 Case) Features

  • Select Eurorack system with expansion space
  • Modules housed in Doepfer A-100LC6 case
  • A-190-4 USB/MIDI to CV/Gate/Sync Interface
  • A-160 Clock Divider
  • A-110-2 VCO
  • A-118 Noise + Random Voltage
  • A-148 Dual S&H
  • A-138c Polarizing Mixer
  • A-106-5 SEM VCF
  • A-132-3 DVCA
  • A-180-2 Multiples
  • A-140 ADSR
  • A-147-2 VCDLFO
  • A-171-2 VCS
  • 2x 42hp blank panels
  • Includes 15 assorted patch cables
  • Case: A-100 LC6 low cost case
  • Outside dimensions: 445 x 275 x 160mm
  • Power input: 110–240VAC
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