DoepferA-100 Basic System 2 (P6 Case)


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Doepfer A-100 Basic System 2 (P6 Case)

The Doepfer A-100 Basic System 2 is a modular system curated to fit into any MIDI-based music production or sound design setup; and housed in the P6 portable case, it is ready to hit the road at a moment's notice. With all the basic components of a monosynth and more, this system is perfectly well-suited for everything from driving analog basslines to abstract sound collages. The A-190-4 MIDI to CV/Sync interface makes it simple to integrate MIDI controllers, MIDI clock sources, DAWs, and more, keeping the system in time and in tune with the rest of the rig: and of course, the road-ready P6 case means this system is every bit as much at home on the road as it is in the studio.

A-100 Basic System 2 (P6 Case) Features

  • Full MIDI-controllable Eurorack modular synth in a portable suitcase
  • Housed in Doepfer P6 flight case enclosure
  • Powered via Doepfer PSU3 linear supply
  • Two analog VCOs: A-110
  • Dual ring mod: A-114
  • Subharmonic generator: A-115 Audio Divider
  • Voltage-controllable clipping/distortion: A-116 Waveform Processor
  • Audio Mixer: A-138(Exponential)
  • Lowpass filter: A-120 VCF1
  • Oberheim XPander-style filter: A-106-6 XP VCF
  • Linear VCA: A-130
  • Exponential VCA: A-131
  • MIDI to CV/Gate interface: A-190-4
  • 2hp blank panel
  • Noise + Random Voltages: A-118
  • Simple LFO: A-145
  • Variable waveshape LFO: A-145 LFO2
  • Clock Divider: A-160
  • Clock Sequencer: A-161
  • Passive multiples: A-180
  • Control mixer: A-138 (Linear)
  • Dual slew limiter: A-170
  • 2x ADSR Envelope Generators: A-140
  • Includes 30 mixed patch cables
  • Case: A-100 P6 portable suitcase
  • Outside dimensions: 460 x 330 x 175mm
  • Power input: 110–240VAC
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