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DivKidStereo Strip Eurorack Channel Strip


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DivKid Stereo Strip

Dive into the world of console-inspired processing with DivKid's Stereo Strip, a Eurorack-sized stereo channel strip made to work as a solid VCA, audio and CV processor, or as your final buss. Stereo Strip can accept either mono or stereo signals while always outputting a stereo pair output, and the onboard panning will either move a mono signal around the stereo spectrum or balance the levels between the incoming left and right channels. The Stereo Strip can not only serve basic leveling and panning needs, but it also contains CV inputs for creating moving VCA and panning motion for more dynamic and lively elements, whether it be control signals or audio! Additionally, the level control simultaneously acts as an attenuator when fed CV, while the panner has a dedicated CV attenuator for dialing in the perfect amount of movement and drama.

Carve out your instruments and groups with the simple yet flexible three-band EQ, featuring a high and low shelf as well as a mid bell band, all of which offer +/-12dB of space for subtle to drastic shaping. Along with the sturdy and performable level control for a variety of control, Stereo Strip's onboard mute switch is a fantastic utilitarian and creative tool sporting a three-position style for either quick stabby mutes or fully gated ones. Both the input and output of Stereo Strip offer switches for determining whether it is handling line-level or Eurorack-level signals, making it a stellar choice for both integration across your instruments as well as a solid distortion source for cranking lower-level signals. No matter if you just want a solid gain-stage or are looking for the full flexibility of a channel strip, the Stereo Strip brings a stellar amount of quality and creativity to any modular system.

Stereo Strip Features

  • Stereo channel strip module
  • Mono/stereo input and stereo output processing audio or CV
  • Built in VCA with CV input as well as a paner with CV input and attenuator
  • Three-band EQ with +/-12dB of gain (two shelves and a mid-band bell curve)
  • Creative muting switch and large level control
  • Input and output gain switches for line or Eurorack-level
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 33mm
  • Current draw: 63mA @ +12V, 63mA @ -12V
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