DivKidManic Stereo Shaping VCA


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DivKid Manic

Manic is a collaboration between DivKid and Apollo View Modular, delivering two channels of flexible VCAs with saturation, wavefolding, stereo, and bipolar operation. Used as a typical VCA using Manic's Clean outputs, Manic offers comprehensive control over both audio and CV signals. With simple bipolar use, Manic is great for exploring ring modulation effects. Process two audio or CV sources separately, or explore mono-to-stereo and true stereo applications thanks to convenient normalizations between input jacks.

Where Manic starts to truly shine are its Shape outputs, which add saturation and color to your sounds through clipping and wavefolding. Channel 1 gives you TanH soft clipping and Serge-style folding, while channel 2 delivers hard clipping and Buchla-style folding. With differences in the harmonic profile of each saturation stage, stereo-widening effects can be achieved even from a mono source. When you aren't leaning into saturation, an inverted output provides a stereo image by contrasting with the clean signal's phase.

With the growing number of stereo sound sources in Eurorack, Manic rises to the occasion as a fantastic VCA for stereo use and a handy stereoizer for mono sources. Add in the generous amounts of timbre-bending provided in Manic, and you have a modulation and saturation powerhouse ready to be your new go-to VCA.

Manic Features

  • 2 channel VCA optimized for stereo with clipping and wavefolding
  • Collaboration between DivKid and Apollo View Modular
  • Unipolar or Bipolar operation for each VCA channel
  • Shape output with selectable clipping or wavefolding modes
  • Channel 1 features TanH soft clipping and Serge wavefolding
  • Channel 2 features hard clipping and Buchla wavefolding
  • Optimized for stereo operation with normalled inputs and perfectly matched gain
  • Suitable for audio and CV
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 180mA @ +12V, 135mA @ -12V
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