Division 6VM Utility Volt Meter


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Division 6 VM

VM is a compact volt meter utility module for eurorack synthesizer systems. Its convenient bar-graph display affords instant visual indications of voltage levels. It is capable of handling voltages anywhere between -12.9v and +12.9v. The display features 1 LED per volt and per 0.1 volt. Red indicates positive voltage while blue indicates negative.

Despite the module's incorporation of multiple LEDs, it is not a strain on power supplies. This is because only one LED is on at a time, regardless of the current display mode.

Another handy feature is the module's utilization of a buffered thru jack, which enables users to monitor signals without worrying about how they are split up. And since the meter is buffered, observing the signal subjects it to minimal (if any) effects.

VM Features

  • Dot Mode: One LED lights at a time, indicating voltage to the nearest volt.
  • Precision Dot Mode: Up to two LEDs light at a time. The solid one indicates volts, and the dim/flashing one indicates tenths of a volt.
  • Bar Mode: All LEDs up to and including the indicated voltage light up.
  • Precision Bar Mode: Like bar mode, but one of the LEDs flashes to indicate tenths of a volt.
  • Voltage Indicators between -12v and +12v
  • Red lights for positive voltage
  • Blue lights for negative voltage
  • Power supply: +/- 12 VDC (reverse-polarity protected!)
  • Maximum input voltage before freakout: approx. +16.3V
  • Minimum input voltage before freakout: approx. -16.3V
  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 1.26in / 32mm
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