Division 6Multiplicity XV Buffered Mult


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Division 6 Multiplicity XV

Multiplicity XV is the solution to an all-too-prevalent problem: splitting a signal without experiencing degredation. Every one of XV's output breathes new life into the split signal, no matter whether that signal is audio or CV. Even better, the module's channels are cascaded, providing ample flexibility concerning the way a signal is split and rerouted throughout a patch. For example, patching a signal into the first input dispenses it through all 15 outs. However, introducing a signal to another input breaks it from the chain. So if something is patched into the first input and a second signal is patched into the third input then the first signal will be emitted from 6 outs, while the second signal would travel through the outstanding 9. All in all, the module provides up to 5 inputs split three ways.

Multiplicity XV Features

  • Cascaded multiple
  • Protects against signal degradation
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