Division 6Multiplicity VI Phat Buffered Mult


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Division 6 Multiplicity VI Phat

Multiples are indispensable utility modules; however, splitting a signal again and again makes it exponentially weaker. Multiplicity VI Phat provides a solution to this problem by regenerating any signal that passes through its output jack, no matter whether they are audio or CV.

The module utilizes cascaded channels, affording much flexibility regarding the number of ways one can split a signal. If a signal is patched into the first input it is subsequently available at all six outs. But if another signal is patched into the second input then that channel is removed from the chain. From there, the first signal will be emitted from three outputs while the second signal will be routed to the leftover three.

Another feature that makes VI Phat even more adroit is its reverse-side cascade input and output, which enable several modules to be chained together without having to use any of the front panel jacks. With several modules connected together, the system will have an immense and extensive buffered multiple spread throughout.

Multiplicity VI Phat Features

  • Cascaded channels
  • Prevents signal degradation
  • Power supply: +/- 12 VDC (reverse-polarity protected!)
  • Power draw: 16ma / 16ma
  • Width: 2HP or 3HP
  • Depth: 1.77in / 45mm
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