DigiTechWhammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal


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DigiTech Whammy DT

The Whammy DT from DigiTech offers a suite of real-time pitch effects—including classic Whammy sounds, raised and drop tuning, harmonization, and detuning—all under the command of an intuitive, expressive interface. The upper left hand side of the pedal allows you to choose whether a whammy, harmonization, or detuning effect will be applied to your signal while using the onboard expression pedal. Whammy shifts your entire signal up or down by the specified interval, while Harmonize adds a voice above your dry signal, which can be bent within a specified range while your original signal passes through unaffected. With one of two Detune modes engaged, the pedal sets the level of the detuned version of your signal, allowing you to dial in a characterful, chorus-like animation to your sound.

Any of the effects selected on the pedal's left hand side can be used simultaneously with the Drop tuning control on the right hand side. When engaged by the latching toggle footswitch—or the dedicated momentary footswitch for quick drop tuning actions—the Drop tuning effect can transpose your signal by up to seven semitones either direction, or even a full octave. For a big, 12-string guitar sound, the Octave+Dry mode mixes your original signal with a copy transposed up or down an octave.

With its cascade of features and a well-considered interface, the Whammy DT is as powerful as it is musically useful. It's truly an instrument in itself, ready to add distinctive pitch-shifting effects to your pedalboard.

Whammy DT Features

  • Whammy, harmonization, and drop tuning effects pedal
  • Large expression pedal onboard for expressive control
  • Momentary or latching Drop tuning effect, with dedicated footswitches for each
  • Whammy range of up to three octaves with the singular 'Dive Bomb' mode
  • Drop tuning can also combine an octave above or below with dry signal for a big 12-string sound
  • Hardwired true bypass or optional 'DSP Bypass' for smoother transitions during Momentary Drop tuning
  • MIDI input
  • Dimensions: 8.2" W x 7.73" D x 2.36" H
  • Power Specs: less than 288mA @ 9V DC (center negative, power supply included)
  • MIDI input: 5-pin DIN
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