Diffractor SoundingsArboretum Tremolo Pedal


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Diffractor Soundings Arboretum

In the first offering from Diffractor Soundings, the Arboretum Tremolo is a stereo tremolo effect pedal capable of everything from classic tremolo sounds to chaotically shifting stereo modulation. The pedal's righthand section is a classic analog tremolo with familiar functionality for adjusting speed, depth, and volume of the effect. On the left side, a powerful meta-modulating "Mode" section utilizes an additional LFO to automate tremolo speed and depth. This additional layer of modulation, in addition to robust expression pedal and CV connectivity, make for a wonderfully inventive and lush sounding effect ripe for sonic experimentation.

At the core of each of Arboretum's two sections are digital LFOs, which unlock expressive and unique waveshapes to modulate the otherwise 100% analog signal path. The digital design also brings us a multiplier control, which sets the rate of the tremolo LFO as a multiplication or division of the tremolo speed setting. Finding even simple settings for the tremolo effect and then modulating them with the Mode control elicits shifting textures spread across a stereo field, perfect for subtle widening techniques and experimental freakouts alike. Whatever your amplitude-modulating needs, the Arboretum from Diffractor Soundings provides the ultimate canvas for creating inspiring tremolo textures.

Arboretum Features

  • Stereo tremolo effect with expansive modulation options
  • Right side tremolo section may be modulated by the left side "Mode" section
  • Analog signal path with unique digital LFO control
  • Tremolo section features speed, depth, and volume controls
  • Tremolo section LFO includes classic and unique waveforms
  • Multiplier control which controls tremolo rate as a multiple of the speed setting
  • Tap tempo switch for syncing tremolo effect
  • Mode section LFO may selectively modulate tremolo speed and depth
  • Mode LFO features range switch and even more unique waveforms
  • Mode section Height and Depth controls set the range of modulation
  • Right and left outputs are processed by phase-reversed LFOs
  • Extensive CV and expression pedal control for depth, speed, and sweep
  • Dimensions: 18.8cm x 12cm x 5cm
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
Diffractor Soundings Arboretum Tremolo Pedal Reviews