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DF Audio Nano E

Nano E from DF Audio is an ultra-compact expression slider and CV attenuator that fits in your pocket, perfect for adding some finger-sized performativity to pedals, synths, and anything with an expression input. For use in modular and semi-modular synths, simply plug in a CV source like a stable offset or voltage sequence to Nano E's in/out jack, and another cable from the out jack to a CV destination in your synth. For using with pedals, connect a 3.5mm TRS to 1/4in TRS cable to the in/out jack of Nano E with the other end connected to your expression input.

With all the cables connected, you're ready to express yourself. An ergonomic slider fits the finger comfortably, while the solid weight and soft rubber pads of the Nano E stay firmly planted to your device's panel or desktop surface. The Nano E is great for creating video close-ups of your gear in action, bringing expression off the floor and snugly next to your device so viewers can see the action. Whatever your application, this handy and compact utility is useful in any effect pedal or synth set-up, making musical expression a mere fader-flick away.

Nano E Features

  • Compact TRS expression slider and CV attenuator
  • 100K linear slider
  • In/Out and Out jacks allow use with TRS expression inputs or attenuation of CV using both jacks
  • Pad switch attenuates signal with additional 47K resistor
  • Soft rubber feet for non-slip operation on a flat surface
  • Includes replacement fader and dust cover
  • Potentiometer type: B100K Ohm Linear Taper
  • Input: 3.5mm TS (using TRS in/out jack)
  • Output: 3.5mm TS (Out jack) or TRS expression (In/out jack)
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