Demedash EffectsT-60 Analog Modulator Chorus / Vibrato Pedal


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Demedash Effects T-60 Analog Modulator Chorus / Vibrato Pedal

Demedash Effects' T-60 is a brilliantly designed, stereo modulation pedal that offers loads of depth and tonal characteristics. The analog, BBD sound of T-60 is like wrapping up in a warm blanket—sometimes it's a soft comforter, while other times it's a scratchy quilt with unexpected tickles. At a full-wet mix, you can achieve vibrato-like effects, while a blended mix can produce juicy choruses and wild flange tones that want to dance and jiggle. You can shape both the effect and the dry signal with the EQ control, tilting towards the high or low end of the mix—you can also choose to affect just the wet signal to preserve the characteristics of your dry signal!

Looking at the four main controls, we have the Lag control, determining the delay time of wet signal while the Depth and Rate controls affect the modulation of the wet signal's pitch. T-60's modulation source can be a periodic LFO, completely random LFO, or a balance between the two via the alternative "Random" control. What makes T-60's modulation section unique and quirky is the Chop feature, which not only introduces jitter-like sample reduction to the periodic LFO, but also smooths out the random LFO, creating even more wild and unpredictable modulation. Because the Chop feature has its own rate, the tap tempo can be targeted towards the Rate knob or the Chop knob with even further control via the note Division alternative parameter.

To tie T-60 all together, the Tap tempo footswitch also provides the Ramp function, engaged only when holding the Tap/Ramp footswitch. Ramp acts as a swell in clock rate that can affect the modulation rate or the chop rate via the Ramp Target—much like the tap tempo can—and routing how and where it performs is laid out across the knobs. The Ramp modes, Stretch and Bounce, ramp to the furthest extent and hold that position or bounce between the furthest and original position, respectively. All of these parameters, including the Ramp Rate, are accessible when holding the Tap/Ramp button.

Whether you're looking for a beautifully thick and creamy sound or want layers upon layers of modulation for unpredictable sound, T-60 from Demedash Effects brings all you need and more.

T-60 Features

  • Stereo, analog modulation pedal
  • Can achieve vibrato, chorus, and flanger effects via classic analog BBD chips
  • Modulation depth and rate controls that can be determined by tap tempo
  • Rate note division in Alt mode
  • Chop control is a dual-function reduction of the Periodic LFO's sample rate and the random LFO waveform's glide
  • Chop's Alt parameter mixes between the periodic and random LFOs
  • Lag controls analog delay lines' clock speed
  • Mix knob balances dry/wet blend for creating full-on vibrato or a blend of choruses and flangers
  • EQ either rolls off bass or treble of both signals or just the wet, set by the alt Dry EQ setting
  • Flanger tones achieved when increasing the feedback via the Depth control's Alt mode
  • Ramp functionality swells the Rate or Chop speed upwards with the hold of the Tap/Ramp footswitch
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC Center Negative PSU (not included)
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