Demedash EffectsT-120 V2 Videotape Echo Pedal


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Demedash Effects T-120 V2 Videotape Echo Pedal

T-120 from Demedash Effects is a wonderfully lo-fi echo pedal that emulates the nostalgic, degraded sound of VHS tapes. A unique take on tape echo, T-120 can transform any source into a soft and warbly texture—short and rhythmic or droning into self-oscillation. Each parameter works in tandem with each other to create the deteriorating sound quality, and even at its purest parameter settings you still get a taste of hiss and tape-like effect when T-120 is engaged. With that said, the main control you'll be going for is the Tape Quality knob, affecting how the delay repeats degrade for longer and smoother delay lines.

T-120 offers general delay parameters, where Time correlates to delay time and Intensity to feedback. The delay time can go anywhere from 60ms to 1 second, great for achieving slap-back echoes to slow, quarter-note feels. Modulate the delay time with the Depth and Speed knobs, and with the upgrades in version two of this pedal, variable modulation may be morphed from a square to smooth shape, as well as blending that with a random style LFO. With these parameters accessible via holding down the footswitch, a wide variety of modulation shapes for interesting delay responses are possible.

With a general mix knob for controlling the overall dry/wet balance and a latch/momentary style footswitch, add layers or inject some of the characteristics of VHS tape with Demedash's T-120.

T-120 V2 Features

  • VHS tape echo pedal
  • Emulates the sound of old VHS tapes
  • 60ms to 1 second of delay time available
  • Feedback can go from one repeat into self oscillation
  • Tape-Quality degrades the repeats the further counter-clockwise it's turned
  • Speed and Depth control rate and amount of modulation
  • V2 offers variable waveform and introduction of random waveform for a wide variety of modulation possibilities
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.5" x 1.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC Center Negative PSU (not included)
Demedash Effects T-120 V2 Videotape Echo Pedal Reviews