Demedash Effects112+ Drive Channel Overdrive Pedal


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Demedash Effects 112+ Drive Channel Overdrive Pedal

Make sure your instrument is loud, clear, and driven with Demedash Effects' 112+, a shapeable preamp and distortion pedal. As the primary color palette might tell, this pedal is a great starting point for making any sound present and primed for the rest of your pedalboard's signal chain. Starting at the top, we have a Drive control to determine how much distortion will be added to a signal, increasing more as we turn the knob clockwise. We can shape what parts of the signal are driven via the Voice switch, providing three positions of high pass filtering to determine how much bass gets through.

From here we are met with the three-band EQ at the bottom, shaping not only the distorted signal, but also the clean signal for a blended final tone. Each band offers +/-5dB of shaping, with high and low shelving on the Top and Bottom bands and a peak/notch filter for the Mid control. With the Level control shaping your output before it hits the rest of your signal chain, the 112+ from Demedash Effects is a fantastic gain stage for any pedalboard.

112+ Features

  • Preamp distortion pedal
  • Offers shapeable signal, pre and post distortion
  • Distortion is controlled via the Drive knob
  • Voice switch offers three bass-rolloff options before the drive
  • Level knob controls the final mixed output of the clean and driven sounds
  • EQ section offers three bands for sculpting your sound, each having +/-5dB of room
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.75" x 1.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V Center Negative DC PSU (not included)
Demedash Effects 112+ Drive Channel Overdrive Pedal Reviews