DelptronicsTrigger Man Sequencer


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Delptronics Trigger Man

As its name suggests, the Delptronics Trigger Man is a trigger sequencer optimized for Eurorack modular synthesizers. Its straightforward and intuitive interface gives users all the functionality they need to create any kind of sequence—all using only two knobs!

The module features eight trigger outputs, each containing their own eight-step sequence. Beyond that, the module has eight pattern memories that can be recalled in any order and chained in series in any configuration of up to one-hundred patterns. Two dedicated CV jacks can be configured to affect the overall sequences, patterns, or tempo.

The Trigger Man brings all of this and more in a mere 8HP!

Trigger Man Features

  • 8 HP wide, 30mm deep
  • 8 trigger/gate outputs
  • 8 patterns, each consisting of 8 steps for each of the 8 outputs
  • Each output has a separately configurable length: 10ms, clock, or full
  • When set to clock, output is on when clock signal is on, and off when clock signal is off
  • When set to full, output is on for the full length of the step, consecutive "on" steps produce no "off" time between the steps

Three modes of operation

  • Algorithmic Edit: A revolutionary pattern editing interface wherein one knob controls the complexity of the steps (number of "on" steps and rests between the steps), and another knob shifts the steps right and left
  • Step Edit: A traditional mode in which each step is turned on or off individually. The shift knob still functions in Step Edit mode
  • Pattern Play: Select which pattern is currently playing, or create a chain of patterns up to 100 patterns long. The shift knob shifts the patterns in the chain

Other Features

  • Internal clock with tempo knob (40 - 295 BPM)
  • Run/Stop button controls the internal clock, or resets to the first step if using an external clock
  • External clock input jack can be configured as ticks or voltage controlled tempo
  • When set to ticks, on/off voltages advance the step counter, and the tempo knob acts as a clock divider
  • External clock can be divided by 1/2/3/4/6/8/12/16/32
  • When set to VC, a control voltage at the clock input jack determines the tempo
  • Multi-function control voltage jack
  • In pattern play mode, the control voltage determines the currently playing pattern
  • In the edit modes, the control voltage determines the shift and/or complexity of the steps
  • Each output can be individually configured as to how it responds to the control voltage, if at all
  • Non-volatile pattern and configuration memory. Data is saved even when powered off


  • Eurorack Module
  • 8HP Width
  • 30mm Depth
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