Death By AudioWaveform Destroyer Distortion Pedal


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Death By Audio Waveform Destroyer Distortion Pedal

For those looking to degrade and destroy their guitar tone beyond any recognizable semblance, the Death By Audio Waveform Destroyer Distortion pedal could be just what the doctor ordered. The pedal affords a maddening array of sonic possibilities, accessible through the adjustment of four front-panel switches. The Engage switch is a true bypass, Boost conjures a demonic bass tone/boost/treble boost/or mid-notch boost. The Filter switch alters the booster tone by adding a boosted filter stage, while the Blast switch pushes tones well beyond the brink of glass-shattering awesomeness. 

Waveform Destroyer Features

  • Four channel analog distortion/fuzz
  • Four foot switches for layering distortion styles
  • Engage, Boost, Blast and Filter settings
  • Tons of distortion combinations
  • Performance friendly, only one Master Volume knob
  • Dimensions: 56 x 118 x 144 mm
  • Weight: 20 oz
  • Current Draw: 16mA
  • Standard 9V DC (center -) power
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