Death By AudioEcho Master Vocal Delay Pedal


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Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay Pedal

For those looking to dirty up their vocals in a blackened pit of distinctively rusty lo-fi grit, the Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay should undoubtedly rise to the occasion. The module utilizes a straightforward front panel design to steep vocals in buzzy echoplexes as well as more traditional springy slapback. 

The Echoplex Master boasts an XLR input/output and a 1/4” effects loop, the latter allowing for incorporation with a wide variety of external pedals.

Echo Master Features

  • Noisy Lo-Fi echo for vocals
  • Included 1/4 inch effects loop
  • Controls for Echo Time, Feedback and Echo Mix
  • Bourns input and output transformers
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Includes Death By Audio Power Supply 
  • height:  70 mm
  • width:  154 mm
  • depth:  83 mm
  • weight:  26 oz
  • current draw:  22 mA
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