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Death By Audio Germanium Filter

Injecting life into old circuitry, Death By Audio presents their Germanium Filter, a distortion and filter pedal that creates a vintage yet heavy sound to anything you process. At the heart of the Germanium Filter lies two matched NOS Russian germanium transistors, giving it a quite old yet unique character that brings forth loads of distortion. The gain control ranging from "clean" to "dirty" starts off with a slight overdrive to your timbre cranking all the way to obliterating fuzz tones. The filter section of the Germanium Filter is quite unique as it doesn't quite follow a traditional tone shaping approach, but rather presents booming lows on the "heavy" side and piercing high-end on the "highs" side, with loads of scooping and shaping in between. Internally, you can set the main volume control of the Germanium Filter for balancing your signal once without always having to reach for your volume. Powered by either a PSU or the included 9V battery, the Germanium Fuzz from Death By Audio can make your sound really punch through any speaker.

Germanium Filter Features

  • Germanium filter and fuzz pedal
  • Gainstaging from a matched pair of obsolete '60s Russian germanium transistors
  • Gain control applies anything from subtle dirt to intense fuzz in your face
  • Filter control transforms the fuzz in supernatural ways from untameable lows to screeching highs and everything in between
  • Internal volume control that attenuates from full volume to absolute silence
  • Dimensions: 5" x 2.5" x 2.25"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative (9V battery included)
  • Weight: 10.6 oz
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