Death By AudioAbsolute Destruction Degraded Fuzz Pedal


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Death by Audio Absolute Destruction

From the fringes of sanity comes one of Death by Audio's most sonically devastating concoctions to date, the aptly-named Absolute Destruction. The pedal produces a degrading fuzz sound that can be pushed past its limits into full-blown malevolence. The ability to strave the circuit renders the pedal as somewhat of an evolving ouroboros: despite eating itself, it maintains a characteristic deviance that extends its proclivities far into the future—and beyond!

Absolute Destruction Features

Controls for:

  • Master volume
  • Overload
  • Gain
  • Overload (red) and Gain (white) are horizontal sliders and recessed close to the enclosure
  • Powered by a 9v alkaline battery or a 9v, negative tip, 2.1mm barrel, DC adaptor
  • True bypass
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