Days of YoreThe Tower Vertical Spring Reverb


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Days of Yore The Tower

The Tower from Days of Yore is a 41" professional-grade vertical spring reverb unit with comprehensive controls, stunning visual design, and a dark and dreamy sound bringing your effects chain to new heights. Days of Yore knows that when it comes to spring reverb, size matters. Inside its beautiful smoked eucalyptus enclosure, three 31" springs combine to create a lush and resonant reverb tone only possible with large springs. Internal soundproofing preserves this exquisite analog tone, ensuring uncompromising quality every session. Combining handcrafted design with high-quality analog circuits, The Tower stands above inferior spring tanks, casting a long shadow with its immersive reverberations.

Days of Yore have spared no expense with The Tower, delivering far more than size and visual appeal. The Tower provides a comprehensive suite of reverb-shaping circuitry for sculpting your tone. Gated operation with integrated envelope lets you shape the reverb effect for dramatic hits and experimental gestures. Vibrato and feedback controls modulate and adjust the tone of the reverberation, while mixer controls for both the send/return and the effect itself let you dial in the perfect mix. Finally, extensive coloration options are available through adjusting gain staging between the drive, input stage, and spring pickup, with further presence offered by a single-knob optocoupler compressor. A remote footswitch offers buffered bypass and feedback activation for getting interactive, while opening up the convenient front panel doors allows access to physically manipulate each spring for experimental tones.

The Tower from Days of Yore is the ultimate spring reverb unit ready to make a statement in your studio. With jaw dropping sound, head-turning style, and comprehensive controls to satisfy even the most demanding of studios, The Tower is here to take your music sky-high.

The Tower Features

  • Vertical spring reverb unit
  • 3x 31" springs capable of lush and large reverb effects
  • Smoked eucalyptus enclosure with internal sound proofing
  • Input/output and send/return jacks each with dry/wet/volume controls
  • Remote footswitch with buffered bypass and feedback activation
  • Gated reverb activation with attack, sustain, release envelope
  • Vibrato with depth and rate control
  • Drive boosts input signal
  • Input control with LED VU metering
  • Pickup volume control fine-tunes effect character
  • Single-knob compressor boosts reverb presence
  • Dimensions: 41" x 8.5" x 8.5" / 1041.4 x 215.9 x 215.9 mm
  • Power Specs: 18V, 560 mA current draw, PSU included
  • Audio inputs: 1/4" TS
  • Audio outputs: 1/4" TS
  • Footswitch jack: 1/4" TRS
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