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Dangerous MusicCOMPRESSOR Stereo VCA Compressor


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Dangerous Music Compressor

The Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR is a stereo compressor that makes altering your dynamics a breeze without changing the core of your sound. It is a transparent compressor that controls the dynamics of your signal without adding any color to the tone. The low-distortion VCA provides clean level adjustment with up to 20dB of gain reduction.

Your low end will be full bodied, mids defined, and the highs clear and present. The auto attack/release and smart dynamics dual slope detection takes the guesswork out of creating fantastic sounding compression. The true stereo dual detector preserves stereo imaging of your input signals with advanced active circuitry. The COMPRESSOR features on-board side chain EQ that can be activated for sculpting your sound. Additionally, the active sidechain send and return allows for easy interfacing with other gear.

Compressor Features

  • Stereo compressor
  • Provides dynamic control without coloring your sound
  • Auto attack/release
  • Smart Dynamics dual slope detection control transient peaks
  • Dual detectors for RMS detection
  • Ultra low-noise VCAs
  • On-board side chain EQs
  • Active send and return
  • Inputs: 2x XLR
  • Outputs: 2x XLR
  • Frequency response: +/-0.25dB from 15Hz to 80kHz
  • Maximum level: greater than +27dBu
  • Noise floor: less than -93dBu, bandlimited from 22Hz to 22kHz
  • THD+N: less than 0.005%
  • IMD: less than 0.007%
  • 6dB-per-octave bass cut sidechain filter, -3dB @ 60Hz.
  • Sibilance boost corner: 1kHz with +2dB @ 5kHz shelving 
  • Crosstalk rejection: greater than 115dB @ 1kHz
  • Impedances: 20,000 Ohms input, 50 Ohms output
  • Replacement fuses: USA 120VAC 500mA fast blow, Europe 250mA fast blow for 240VAC
  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 19"
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