CrumarD9X Drawbar Controller


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Crumar D9X

The D9X is an all-in-one drawbar controller for adding an organ-style interface to clonewheel organ, virtual tonewheel, or other MIDI-enabled device. It features nine drawbars with detents that are responsive and give full hands on control.

Integrated chorus, vibrato, and Leslie rotary effects are accessible on the front panel with buttons to find the perfect balance of speed and depth. When turning off the Leslie effect, the speed naturally decays instead of stopping abruptly, giving the feel of an actual rotary speaker slowing down. In addition to those effects, the D9X gives you hands-on control of reverb, drive, volume, and bass/treble adjustments for tailoring your organ's sound to the setting at hand.

Connect to MIDI instruments via microUSB or 3.5mm TRS MIDI. The code is open source and the D9X is fully reprogrammable, unlocking the ability for users to add new functionality.

D9X Features

  • Drawbar controller
  • Attach to your organ or any of device that accepts MIDI
  • Chorus, vibrato, and Leslie rotary effects with selectable speed
  • Reverb, drive, volume, and bass/treble control with knobs
  • 3.5mm TRS MIDI
  • Input for aux pedal
  • Fully programmable with open-source hardware
  • TBD
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