Cre8audioNiftyBUNDLE Eurorack System

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Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE

The NiftyBUNDLE from Cre8audio is an all-in-one package that provides a basic foundation for a Eurorack setup. It features two of Cre8audio’s Eurorack modules, Cellz and Chipz. Cellz is a two-channel touch-plate sequencer and Chipz is a chiptune-inspired multi-voice synthesizer block. The NiftyCASE is a powered 84hp Eurorack case that features MIDI-to-CV and a stereo audio output on 1/4" jack. Two blank panels cover up any gaps in the case and it features enough patch cables to get you started.

NiftyBUNDLE Features

  • Full Eurorack bundle
  • Cellz dual touch-plate sequencer
  • Chipz, chiptune-inspired synthesizer voice
  • NiftyCASE 84hp Eurorack case with MIDI-to-CV and stereo output
  • Blank panels, wall wart, and cables
  • Case depth 55mm
Product Demo Videos
Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE - An Under $300 Eurorack Starter System!
In this video, we take a look at the NiftyBUNDLE, an all-new Eurorack system from Cre8audio. Specializing in creating affordable and flexible tools for modular musicians, Cre8audio presents an initial offering perfect for newcomers to Eurorack synths. Paired here with the Korg Volca Drum, it creates everything from pulsing rhythms and gritty digital noise.

The NiftyBUNDLE is a combination of the NiftyCASE, Cellz, and Chipz. NiftyCASE is an affordable 84hp case with a built-in MIDI-CV converter and final audio output. Cellz is a creative sequencer and touch controller great for manual control and semi-predictable sequences. Chipz is a lo-fi synthesizer based on the sounds of vintage arcade/video game sounds, perfect for chiptune sweeps and beyond.
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77% of 100
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