Crank SturgeonDepthcharge Gamelan Electric Shaker


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Crank Sturgeon Depthcharge

If one likes to shake it, then the DCG expertly follows through as an electric maraca with a twist! Loaded with rattles, a spring wobbler, and topped off with a big red button kill-switch, this little unit takes the crunch from the previous Crank Sturgeon shaker model (the Crank-in-a-box) and blasts it up a notch by adding ricocheting reverb and on/off switching to the mayhem! A perfect accompaniment with noisy FX, heavy gain, and (of course) high volume.

Depthcharge Features

  • Contains rattles, a spring wobbler, and a kill-switch
  • Ideal for noisy FX
  • Cable not included
Crank Sturgeon Depthcharge Gamelan Electric Shaker Reviews