Cranborne AudioCarnaby HE2 Harmonic EQ


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Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2

A natural evolution of Cranborne's Carnaby 500, the HE2 2-channel Harmonic EQ provides two of their breakthrough analog harmonic saturation circuits with a handful of convenient features for getting the most out of this creative spectral processor. Perfect for stereo, dual-mono, or mid-side applications, the HE2 is ready to bring powerful shaping and saturation in an easily digestible 3-band EQ arrangement.

Effortlessly lift the air and breath of vocals and acoustic instruments, dial in mid-range emphasis, or boost and warm your low end with 3-bands of analog saturation in different flavors. 20dB of input or output gain control gives you a dynamic response, adding more harmonic energy as the circuits are driven harder. The HE2 is conveniently capable of handling mid/side encoding and decoding, making it a perfect solution for creating stereo depth in processing all within a single unit. Taking things even further, a bypassable TRS insert is available on each channel for connecting other outboard gear after the mid/side encoding but before the Harmonic EQ.

Make the most of your sources, stems, and mixes with the HE2's musical and user-friendly design, ready to bring out the best of just about any signal you throw into it. With rich analog character, inventive design, and a handful of convenient I/O and digital control, the HE2 is sure to add powerful spectral processing to any modern studio workflow.

Carnaby HE2 Features

  • 2-channel, 3-band Harmonic EQ
  • Mid/side encoding for convenient stereo processing
  • Dynamic response with input and output gain up to 20dB
  • Lo cut and Hi cut for further shaping
  • TRS inserts for incorporating outboard gear on each channel
  • Remote USB/ethernet control and preset saving via Control Plugin
  • HI band range: 5kHz - 25kHz
  • MID band range: 200Hz to 6.2kHz
  • LO band range: 20Hz to 420Hz
  • Input impedance: line = 10 kOhms
  • Output impedance: line = 150 Ohms
  • Max output level: +26dBu (<0.003% THD)
  • Noise floor: <-93dBu all bands bypassed
  • Current draw: 140mA idle, 160mA peak
  • Dimensions: 19" x 3.5" x 9.3"
  • Weight: 13lbs
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