Cranborne AudioCarnaby 500 Series Harmonic EQ


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Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500

With Cranborne's Carnaby 500, you can bring an equalizer with character to your 500 series rack thanks to its unique Harmonic EQ design. Unlike most other EQs which simply boost or cut the volume for each frequency band, the Carnaby 500 actually uses different flavors of harmonic saturation to create an intriguing coloration on your audio signals. All three bands on the Carnaby 500 are sweepable, thus easily tuned to the music that you're working with. And if you've got two or more, engage the OPTOSYNC feature to use the leftmost module as your master unit—easily coordinate stereo, surround, and other multi-channel chains. Best of all, if the Carnaby 500 modules are installed next to each other, no cables are needed for OPTOSYNC, but a courtesy 3.5mm TRS jack is available if needed. Try a different type of EQ with the Carnaby 500 by Cranborne Audio.

Carnaby 500 Features

  • 3-band Harmonic EQ
  • 10dB of boost/cut per band
  • Each band features different types of harmonic saturation
  • LO + HI shelf bands, MID peak band
  • HI band range: 5 - 25kHz, "smooth saturation"
  • LO band range: 20 - 420Hz, hard-clipping saturation
  • MID band range: 200Hz - 6.2kHz, saturated peaking filter
  • Wireless OPTOSYNC linking technology
  • +/-20dB input/output gain
  • 41-position detented pots
  • Current draw: up to 140mA per rail
  • Width: 1 space
Product Demo Videos
Carnaby 500 Sound Examples | Harmonic EQ for 500 Series
The Carnaby 500 is a new EQ concept designed for the 500 Series format and utilising a unique Harmonic EQ circuit. Carnaby 500 is a 3-band parametric EQ and uses harmonic saturation to boost and cut frequency content. It enhances your sources, stems and mixes with genuine analogue harmonic saturation with the feel, familiarity, and control of an equaliser.
Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Series Harmonic EQ Reviews