Conductive LabsNDLR Complex MIDI Arpeggiator


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Conductive Labs NDLR

The Conductive Labs NDLR is a non-traditional MIDI sequencer/arpeggiator that allows you to determine the behavior of a sequence, rather than programming individual notes. It's perfect for jamming with an idea and exploring melodic and rhythmic possibilities.

To get started with the NDLR, first you set the BPM and mode, scale, or chord of the pattern. There are four sequencer parts: drone, pad, and two motif parts. Each part behaves differently, but all are constrained to the same BPM, scale, and chord modes. There are play/pause buttons for each channel, allowing you to start and stop patterns on the fly. Pad is a chord generator, great for controlling polysynths. Drone plays continuous, droning notes but can be set to retrigger at different intervals for variation. The two motif channels act like arpeggiators, but note data and rhythmic data are entered into the sequencer separately. This allows you to change either to make new patterns and intricate combinations of melodies and rhythmic styles. The Note data can be up to 16 steps, while rhythm data can be up to 32 steps long. There are 20 preset patterns, 20 preset rhythms, and 20 user patterns. Additionally, up to eight global system settings can be saved, which includes most performance parameters.

The mod matrix allows you to route up to eight modulation sources to eight destinations. Mod controls include mod source, mod destination, mod amount, and destination value. Almost any parameter in the NDLR can be controlled via the mod matrix. The LFO speeds are displayed in either seconds or beats, and synced to the master BPM or free running. The LFOs have a variety of wave shapes and you can even use patterns or as a modulation source. In addition to two MIDI outputs, there are two MIDI inputs, which can be used to affect parameters such as velocity, chord types, and note transposition. The NDLR also features sync input and output on 3.5mm jacks, allowing you to sync with your modular or semi-modular devices.

NDLR is a unique sequencer/arpeggiator which can be a canvas for new and exciting ideas. By controlling behavior rather than individual notes, it allows for compositions to be informed both by the user and the sequencer.

NDLR Features

  • Four-part MIDI sequencer
  • Control behavior rather than individual notes
  • Drone, pad, and two motif parts
  • All parts play the same chords or notes
  • 8x8 mod matrix
  • Rhythm and note data entered separately
  • Chord sequencer
  • LCD screen
  • Two MIDI inputs
  • Two MIDI outputs
  • Internal clock dividers
  • 20 preset melodies, 20 preset rhythms, 20 user patterns
  • Eight global parameter presets
  • Inputs:Two DIN MIDI, USB, sync
  • Outputs:Two DIN MIDI, USB, sync
  • USB powered
  • LCD screen 1.8"
  • 9 x 6.3 x 2.8"/232 x 255 x 37mm
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