Collision DevicesBlack Hole Symmetry Delay + Reverb + Fuzz Pedal


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Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry Delay + Reverb + Fuzz Pedal

Black Hole Symmetry from Collision Devices is a three-effect pedal that blends fuzz, delay, and reverb for out-of-this-world results. It features three blocks that relate to the structure of a black hole. These include: Ergosphere, the area approaching a black hole (delay); Event horizon, the edge of the black hole (reverb); and singularity, the point at the center where all mass is compressed (fuzz).

The Ergosphere delay is a modulated delay with a delay time up to 1s and characteristics reminiscent of a BBD or tape-echo delay. Modulate the delay signal with a variable rate oscillator that features a depth control to set the proportion of modulation. The modulated delay sounds a bit like a tape-echo with wow-and-flutter at high modulation settings. Feedback sets the number of repeats and runs up to self-oscillating feedback. Carefully set it on the edge of oscillation to build a wall of sound that sits between order and chaos. The Event Horizon reverb is a pitch-shifting reverb that harmonizes with the incoming signal. Set the pitch shifting up to a fifth and then set the proportion of the pitch shifter to the echo signal. The echo control or reverb decay approaches infinity at the highest settings, but never quite reaches it. The Singularity features a single control, disintegrate. This sets the volume of the fuzz circuit which adds a huge, raw fuzz that tears at the fabric of space and time.

Black Hole Symmetry packs these three effects blocks into a single package to be used independently or in conjunction with each other. The sound is huge, fitting the name well, providing a mysterious experience that seems to draw you in. You can't escape, succumb to the Black Hole Symmetry.

Black Hole Symmetry Features

  • Fuzz, reverb, and delay pedal
  • Delay up to 1s
  • Reverb decay up to 15s
  • Single-knob fuzz
  • Delay includes modulation oscillator and mod depth
  • Pitch shifting reverb harmonizes with incoming audio, shifting it by up to a fifth
  • Delay feedback goes up to self-oscillation
  • Mix for both reverb and delay
  • Independent bypass footswitches for each effect
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 250mA @ +9VDC, center-negative (not included)
  • Power Specs: 189 x 120 x 56mm/7.4 x 4.7 x 2.2"
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