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Noise Engineering Clep Diaz Clocked CV Source

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Noise Engineering Clep Diaz

The Noise Engineering Clep Diaz is a syncable, clock-driven multifunctional CV source offering stepped voltages, random voltages, and LFOs at the flick of a switch. In step mode it functions as a stepped voltage sequencer with three possible directions and up to 32 steps (63 in up/dn mode); in random mode, these steps are selected in random order. In LFO mode, the module produces a noise LFO whose frequency is related to the rate of the clock input.

A multifunction CV source based on external clock input, Clep Diaz is an amazing way to yield rhythmically-synced modulation from a small space. With control over number of steps, output signal polarity, and including dedicated Beginning of Cycle clock out and Reset input, Clep Diaz is a tiny powerhouse for rhythmic modulation.

Clep Diaz Features

  • Rhythmically-driven modulation source with LFO, Step, and Random modes
  • Step mode offers up to 32 steps in up and dn modes, 63 in updn mode
  • LFO mode produces tempo-syncable noise LFO with variable amplitude
  • Count controls number of steps in Step and Random modes
  • Output can be bipolar or unipolar
  • Dedicated clock and reset inputs
  • Dedicated Beginning of Cycle trigger output (produces random triggers in Random mode)
  • Width: 4hp
  • Current draw: 44mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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