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Clatters Machines Pocket Garden Listener

Bring your plants into your music with the Clatters Pocket Garden Listener, a biometric signal to CV/MIDI converter. Attach the included sensors to a plant or anything that could send out biometric signals and fine tune the data with the integrated controls. Adjust the range of the pitch CV, gate, and trigger signals, and choose which scale the notes will quantize to: that's right, you'll now be able to hear the riffs your rutabagas have been ruminating.

With the Pocket Garden Listener, you can send data over USB, MIDI, and CV at your leisure, thanks to the copious amounts of connectivity. Clatters Pocket Garden Listener is a great way to add natural connectivity and CV generation without taking up precious rack space. As of the time of writing, I've never heard of a band with a lead banana, nor a band with a succulent section—but I hope that you'll make one.

Pocket Garden Listener Features

  • Biometric to CV/MIDI pocket device
  • Adjustments for Scale, Sensitivity, Trigger and Gate sensitivity, along with Octave
  • Outputs for Trigger, Gate, and CV
  • USB Connection for use with DAW
  • Includes 2 pronged sensor
  • Dimensions: 75.9 x 58.5 x 27.5mm
  • Current draw: 36mA @ +5V
  • Power in via USB
  • Includes 3.5mm white probes and snap-on adhesive electrode pads
  • CV outputs: 3.5mm CV, Gate, Trigger outputs
  • MIDI Output: 3.5mm Type A (includes MIDI-TRS Type A adapter)
  • Includes USB micro B to type A cable
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