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ClankProteo Stereo Shapeshifting Oscillator


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Clank Proteo

Proteo from Clank is a stereo shapeshifting oscillator capable of recording any CV modulation source as its core waveforms for sound generation. Originally conceived as a misinterpretation of Daphne Oram's Oramics Machine, which allowed for drawn modulation curves to control parameters of a synth patch, Clank forged ahead with this inventive design, delivering a timbrally diverse sound generator for additive synth exploration. Like the mythological Greek shapeshifter from which Proteo takes its name, this module offers an infinitely flexible sound source that takes the shape of any wave you throw at it.

At the heart of Proteo is its "psuedo-tape recorder", which records modulation curves applied to its input jacks at a variable speed according to the setting of its head-turning time knob. Lower speeds capture larger portions of the curves with more harmonic content, while faster speeds focus in on tiny portions of a wave to elicit songs from the slowest of signals. Your captured waveforms can be locked with the freeze button or CV input, and viewed on the two small oscilloscope windows. Two morph sliders allow you to shift between your captured waves and a pure sine tone for harmonically rich timbres that maintain a clear fundamental frequency. While both oscillators are linked in frequency according to the 1V/oct input or Freq control, Span control allows to detune the right oscillator for thick detuned unisons, deep subs, or duophonic chords.

In a modular environment with plenty of "normal" oscillators and increasingly overlapping "strange" oscillators, Proteo is a refreshing unit with inventive design that feels no less useful or inspiring. Whether you're set on designing a system that does things differently, or simply want a new flavor of sound generation to add to your rack, Proteo from Clank offers limitless potential for wave-writing fun.

Proteo Features

  • Stereo-shapeshifting oscillator
  • Records two channels of any CV modulation, gate, envelope, or other change in voltage as a waveform for sound generation
  • Time control and CV input varies rate of sampled waveform recording and playback
  • Each input features preamp stage for attenuating or doubling the input amplitude
  • Morph controls interpolate between sine and captured waveforms
  • Two small oscilloscopes for viewing your created waves
  • Freeze buttons and gate inputs lock each captured waveform independently
  • Oscillators share one 1V/Oct input and pitch control
  • Right oscillator may be detuned 4 octaves below or 1 octave above left oscillator via span control or CV input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 90 mA @ +12V, 43 mA @ -12V, 0 mA @ +5V
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