CIOKSDC10 Link Power Supply


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CIOKS’ DC10 Link is a professional power supply specifically designed for use with effects pedals. It supplies 2.800mA from 10 isolated outlets, each of which has an available voltage of 9V or 12V. Simply put, DC10 Link is one of the most powerful and comprehensive power supplies currently on the market. Ample power aside, the unit also boasts some sophisticated features. For one, its 10th outlet is capable of powering pedals with non-standard voltages, including 15V Tonebones, Blackstar dirt pedals, or even a titan like the VOX ToneLab or Line 6 M13! Additionally, DC10 Link features a handy mA-meter that allows one to measure the current draw of all connected pedals, ensuring that no power is wasted and every pedal is powered according to its specifications. This also comes in handy in regards to daisy chaining pedals, as one can observe the total mA draw and appropriately match them with the corresponding outlet.

DC10 Link Features

  • 10 isolated and filtered outlets
  • Toroidal transformer with electromagnetic shield
  • Outlet 10 Features adjustable operation from 800mA@9v to 300mA@24v
  • Adjustable 9-24V DC outlet
  • mA meter with immense current potential
  • 2 medium current outlets (200mA)
  • 3 high current outlets (400mA)
  • 4 standard pedal outlets (100mA)
  • Comprehensive short circuit protection
  • Sophisticated LED monitoring
  • AC mains outlet
  • Unique mains feature
  • Includes 17 flex cables
  • Compatible with Pedaltrain pedalboards
  • Output current: 2.800mA
  • Mains voltage: 120V or 230V
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