Chase Bliss AudioWarped Vinyl HiFi Pedal (Black)


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Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl HiFi Pedal (Black)

Chase Bliss' Warped Vinyl HiFi is a revamped version of their acclaimed Warped Vinyl pedal, equipping users with a cleaner and more polished sound. All parameters are under tight digital control, despite their resolutely analog design. The pedal itself emulates the sounds created by warped vinyl records, resulting in strange vibrato and chorus effects. Twisting the lag knob results in thick chorus tones, while doing the same with the tone knob imparts a little shimmer on the high end. This version of the Warped Vinyl HiFi features a black enclosure that harkens back to the original design.

Warped Vinyl HiFi Features

  • Introduction of “lag” control for creating lush chorus tones
  • New “tone” control / circuit for creating more HiFi / shimmery vibrato and chorus
  • Hold feature for more on-the-fly control of ramping and LFO.
  • More transparent tone, lower noise, more headroom
  • 22 presets selectable via MIDI
  • Power source: 9V DC PSU or 9V battery
  • True Bypass: Yes
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