Chase Bliss AudioBlooper Bottomless Looper Pedal

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Chase Bliss Blooper Bottomless Looper Pedal

Referred to as "the bottomless looper," the Blooper from Chase Bliss Audio brings forth a looping device with a focus on manipulating and modifying your loops in interesting and sometimes unpredictable ways. Unlike many loopers that are designed for precise and clean looping and overdubbing, Blooper very much encourages exploration of unfamiliar territory.

While Blooper easily allows for straightforward looping with overdubs and undo/redo, the magic really starts to happen when you begin to apply modifiers to your loops. Activated with special buttons on the bottom of the pedal, there are two modifiers with three different modes each, allowing you to combine playback speed modulation, filtering, pitch shifting, and even pseudo-granular mangling of the recorded audio. For even more flexibility, these modifiers can be applied only to the loops after recording, or you apply them to the incoming audio for immediately building textures.

Another great feature of Blooper is the Layers control, which easily allows you to jump between 8 different layers of recorded audio. Performances can be built on a single loop, adding additional overdubs and more complexity and modulation via modifiers as time goes on, and as layers are only finalized once recording stops, you are in total control of how layers are built. But rather than a typical undo function that requires sequentially removing additions, Blooper allows you to travel back in time to any given layer, where creating changes will clear subsequent layers, but then ventures out again into totally new spaces.

For those looking for an open-ended looping device with endless creative potential and manipulation possibilities, Blooper is a worthy contender for creating extended, evolving textures and sonic time travel.

Blooper Features

  • Looper pedal with extensive modulation controls
  • 2 modifiers with 3 modes each
  • Save up to 16 loops with 8 layers each
  • MIDI implementation
  • DIP switches for customizing parameters and expression control
  • Dimensions: 4.88" x 2.5" x 2.38"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative (PSU not included)
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