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Champion LeccyThe Skitzy Dual-Layer Modulated Reverb Pedal

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Champion Leccy The Skitzy

The Skitzy from Champion Leccy is a dual-layered modulated reverb pedal delivering a double-dose of warbling, texturized reverberation for your effects chain. This chimeric mix of concepts from Champion Leccy's Skitter and Woozy pedals offers the same uneasy, lo-fi charm with a distinct sonic character that will have people wondering how you got a cassette tape player so inebriated. A cornucopia of sonic snacks are available via the Skitzy's flexible interface, letting you dial back the modulation for sweet and subtle wobbling reverb effects, or increase modulation complexity into experimental territory.

At the heart of Skitzy is the same LFO section from its two fore-bearers, with LFO depth (space) and time control, as well as many waveshape options including a smooth random perfect for organic-sounding modulation. This LFO may selectively modulate one or both of the two summed reverb circuits, a "swayverb" incorporating Woozy-like chorus and vibrato and "tremverb" which carries on the tremolo-reverb sound of the Skitter. Mixing both of these with your dry signal via three independent level controls, you can swiftly scroll through an expansive realm of wobblingly wonderful reverbs, echos, and textural modulations. Three switches give you even more control, allowing you to select modulation and reverb behavior for both reverb circuits. With an overwhelming array of modulated reverb tones to explore and experiment with, Skitzy is sure to add some inspirational flare to your pedal board.

The Skitzy Features

  • Dual-layered modulated reverb pedal
  • Combines chorus/vibrato based "swayverb" with tremolo based "tremverb" for a wide range of modulated reverb and echo effects
  • LFO section with 8 selectable waveform options
  • Cheer, sway, and trem switches change behavior of modulated effect for ultimate flexibility
  • Hangover control affects swayverb delay range
  • Backwash control affects swayverb feedback
  • Left footswitch adds feedback to swayverb for performative effect
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9V center negative power supply, 200mA current draw
Champion Leccy The Skitzy Dual-Layer Modulated Reverb Pedal Reviews