EchoRec Multi-Tap Echo Pedal


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Catalinbread EchoRec

The Echorec, from Catalinbread, is an all-analog multi-tap echo pedal that imparts that classic magnetic drum echo popularized by Pink Floyd in songs like Time and Echoes into one’s sonic arsenal. In comparison with the original, the Echorec boasts more stable operation and a brand new Delay Time control. The latter affords between 40ms and an entire second of delay time. The randomness and intensity of its modulation can be adjusted via internal trimpot, just like its predecessor.

Additionally, the pedal’s buffered bypass affords trails with immaculate tone, even when the effect is inactive. There’s also a 12-way Program Select control that allows users to select to choose the sound of playback head 1 by itself, as well as all possible 2, 3, and 4 combinations. Additional controls include a Swell control, Tone control, and Mix control. The Swell control increases the feedback amount, which in turn extends the total number of repeats, while the Mix and Tone controls affords users the ability to mold the sound and dry/effect parameter as they please.

EchoRec Features

  • Based on the legendary Binson Echorec
  • 12 programs give you every head combination possible
  • 40-ms-1000ms delay time, 100% wet/dry mix
  • Tone control can be deep and resonant or bright and chirpy
  • Trails or True Bypass modes
  • Internal modulation and gain controls
  • 2.34" x 4.39" pedal
  • 9v-18v Negative Tip DC Power
  • 61 mA draw
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