Caroline Guitar CompanyWave Cannon V2 Overdrive Pedal


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Caroline Wave Cannon V2 Overdrive Pedal

The Wave Cannon v2, from the Caroline Guitar Company, is a nasty, reckless distortion pedal that’s sure to hurt someone’s feelings while providing hours of raunchy fun for others. As such, its sonic characteristics range from subtle crackles to earth shattering tyrannosaurus brawls. While the pedal adeptly achieves mid-to-medium crunch tones, it really shines when it’s pushed beyond the brink of sanity. Its mid-tone controls are quintessentially different from anything the Caroline Guitar Company has previously produced. Best of all, its uniqueness lends to a seemingly endless array of sonic possibilities.

Some distortion pedals are content with their orientation around subtler dynamics. The Wave Cannon v2 is not one of these pedals. Consequently, it features disconcerting gain and volume thresholds powerful enough to thrash just about any amplifier. There’s even a Rumble switch for imparting brutal low-end. Additionally, the pedal responds beautifully to nuanced playing styles. Experienced users will love how it responds to changes in technique, dynamics, pick attack, and various external guitar and amplifier controls. And if all that wasn’t enough, flip the Havoc switch to induce some unsettling oscillations.

Wave Cannon v2 Features

  • Picture Based Control Labels
  • Vintage OD to Screaming Distortion
  • Cleans Up With Guitar Volume
  • HAVOC Switch for Oscillation Mode
  • 9 volt operation
  • True bypass
  • Rugged Construction
Caroline Guitar Company Wave Cannon V2 Overdrive Pedal Reviews