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Caroline Shigeharu

The Shigeharu fuzz pedal, from the Caroline Guitar Company, affords a truly unique and dynamic fuzz sound that is capable of slicing through any mix. Designed in collaboration with John Snyder at Electronic Audio Experiments, it boasts a cascading hybrid op-amp alongside BC184 transistor gain stages, both of which allow it to produce an extensive array of fuzz tones. Additionally, the pedal features two controls that impart even more flexibility: bias/gate control and a kill/mute switch.

Shigeharu Features

  • Cascading hybrid of op-amp and BC184 transistor gain stages
  • Can be used anywhere in the pedal board chain
  • Use with Caroline Havoc stomp for optimal fuzz¬†
  • Two extra controls - bias/gate control and kill/mute switch
  • Designed in collaboration with John Snyder at Electronic Audio Experiments
  • Power: ¬†standard 9v DC pedal power
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
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