BubblesounduLFO Modulator


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Bubblesound uLFO

The Bubblesound Instruments uLFO is a voltage controlled LFO that packs a punch and is so much more than your standard vanilla LFO. The wide frequency range goes from up to 3.6khz in high mode down to cycles that can take 60 minutes to complete in the low mode. You can do a lot of stuff while the LFO is making its way through the slowest cycles! Seven outputs are available: saw, ramp, triangle, pulse, square (labeled sync out), sine, and shaped sine. The pulse output has adjustable pulse width via manual control or with the PWM input with attenuator. The width of the pulse goes from 0-100%. The shaped sine is akin to pulse with width adjustment, that goes from a positive biased exponential triangle to a negative biased exponential triangle, with standard clean sine in the middle. There is some loss of amplitude as the controls reach their upper limits, which can be used to your advantage in certain scenarios. This includes using the sine mod input as a pseudo-VCA. Two FM inputs are available with attenuators and switches to select between linear and exponential per FM input. The uLFO also tracks 1v/oct over 4-5 octaves.

uLFO Features

  • Voltage controlled LFO
  • Seven outputs
  • Unique shaped sine output with CV input
  • Two FM inputs with attenuators and switches for linear or exponential
  • Cycles from 60 minutes to 3.6khz
  • Adjustable pulse width with CV input
  • Sync in
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 60mm
  • Current draw: 100mA @ +12v, 100mA @ -12v
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