BossSDE-3000EVH Dual Digital Delay Pedal


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Boss SDE-3000EVH

In collaboration with EVH, Boss has recreated one of Eddie Van Halen's most used delay effects—and with the SDE-3000EVH delay pedal, you can get those same iconic tones. Modeled off the classic SDE-3000 rack mount delay, the pedal version has been meticulously modeled off the unique characteristics of the original. It's a digital delay, but at the time there were limitations: 12-bit AD/DA meant that gentle noise could be introduced, all the audio inputs and power were actually analog, it was just the delay chips that were digital, and all of that was powered by a clock that was mostly accurate, but did have some idiosyncratic deviations.

When Eddie started using this, it was just a simple signal path, but eventually he made the famous three amp, wet-dry-wet setup that carried the band throughout his career. With the SDE-3000EVH you get the same circuitry as the original, plus Eddie Van Halen's own customized presets taken from his units. Modern features include MIDI I/O, USB-C, and integrated stereo delays. THe EVH edition includes expanded outputs with a dedicated send/return and outputs that let you recreate the classic wet-dry-wet setup that Eddie used. Switches for the impedance return let you change between lo-z and hi-z, plus a built-in ground lift lets you eliminate unwanted noise. Add the sound of a classic unit and legendary guitarist to your pedalboard or studio setup with the SDE-3000EVH from Boss.

SDE-3000EVH Features

  • Reimagines the rackmount SDE-3000 setup from Eddie Van Halen's former live guitar rig
  • Captures the authentic characteristics of the original, including gain-dependent frequency response, anti-aliasing filter saturation, and warm, lively tone
  • Replicates the distinctive tone of the original's external feedback loop circuitry
  • Translates almost all parameters from the original, featuring a user-friendly interface reminiscent of the vintage '80s era
  • Provides two discrete delay lines, effectively offering the functionality of two rackmount SDE-3000 units
  • Offers two delay time ranges: 0–1500ms and 0–3000ms
  • Enables delay time modulation with triangle and sine waveforms
  • Includes a phase inversion option for the delay output and feedback loop
  • Allows shaping of the delay response with low/high-cut filters
  • External feedback loop option not found on the standard SDE-3000D
  • Many audio routing options supported, including separate direct and stereo effect outputs
  • MIDI I/O on 3.5mm TRS jacks and USB
  • Supports assignable footswitch for tap tempo and alternative control options
  • Provides external footswitch jacks on the rear panel, allowing connection of up to four footswitches, two expression pedals, or specialized Roland foot controllers
  • Offers internal storage for up to 100 presets
  • Dimensions: 2.125 x 7.875 x 5.375"
  • Power Specs: Roland PSB-1U PSU (included)
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