BossSDE-3000D Dual Digital Delay Pedal


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Boss SDE-3000D

Boss has faithfully redesigned and reproduced one of the most iconic vintage digital delays ever created with the SDE-3000D delay pedal. Modeled off the classic SDE-3000 rack mount delay, the pedal version has been meticulously modeled off the unique characteristics of the original. It's a digital delay, but at the time there were limitations: 12-bit AD/DA meant that gentle noise could be introduced, all the audio inputs and power were actually analog, it was just the delay chips that were digital, and all of that was powered by a clock that was mostly accurate, but did have some idiosyncratic deviations.

The SDE-3000D takes all of this and houses it in a much more compact chassis, but with the same LED display, push button interface, and beloved sound. Since we have the technology, this also runs in stereo, something that would've required two units back in the day. The pedal also features MIDI I/O, USB for software integration, and control jacks for accommodating up to four controllers. Just like the original, internal modulation is available and because of the stereo operation, that includes panning options. Adjustable from 0–1500ms or 0–3000ms, the SDE-3000D is the rebirth of a classic and now it can live in your studio, pedalboard, or wherever you need the vintage sound of the future.

SDE-3000D Features

  • Modern re-imagining of the iconic Roland SDE-3000 digital delay
  • Faithfully replicates the gain-dependent frequency response, anti-aliasing filter saturation, and warm, lively tone of the original
  • Emulates the tone of the original's external feedback loop circuitry
  • Directly translates nearly all of the parameters of the original, with a distinctly vintage-'80s user interface
  • Two discrete delay lines: basically like having two rackmount SDE-3000s
  • Two delay time ranges (0–1500ms and 0–3000ms)
  • Delay time modulation with triangle and sine shapes
  • Phase inversion option for delay output and feedback loop
  • Low/high-cut filters for shaping delay response
  • Assignable footswitch for tap tempo or alternative control options
  • External footswitch jacks on rear panel for up to four footswitches, two expression pedals, or specialized Roland foot controllers
  • MIDI I/O on 3.5mm TRS jacks and USB
  • Internal storage for up to 100 presets
  • Dimensions: 2.125 x 7.875 x 5.375"
  • Power Specs: Roland PSB-1U PSU (included)
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