BossRE-2 Compact Space Echo Pedal


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Boss RE-2

Built for the modern performer, the RE-2 from Boss is a faithful, digital recreation of Roland's brilliant and vibey RE-201 Space Echo in a classic Boss compact enclosure. The RE-2 features all the same wonderful controls from the original RE-201, using several concentric potentiometers to pack all the functionality into as small a package as possible.

Recreating the classic multi-tapehead setup, the RE-2 features eleven unique combinations of virtual tape heads to produce robust and developing rhythmic echoes. The variable wow & flutter parameter recreates the inconsistencies that come along with aged tape echo units, imparting warm, goopy, organic modulation.

Thanks its doubling of the RE-201's delay time, RE-2 allows you to design everything from rhythmic slaps to heavily elongated ambiences. RE-2's intensity control offers increased feedback all the way into gnarly self-oscillation. This effect can be achieved by fiddling manually with the intensity and time parameters, or simply by engaging a long hold on the footswitch to kick in the "twist" function.

RE-2 contains a fantastic model of the original Space Echo's preamp and spring reverb, easy to mix in for that classic groovy sound. True stereo I/O expands these features into swirlier and spacier tonalities. With the option to add external footswitches and expression control and the ability to turn on or off the effect carryover, the RE-2 offer loads of customizable vintage soul and character—and it's ready to add some space to any pedal board.

RE-2 Features

  • Compact tape echo
  • RE-201 Space Echo fit into a standard Boss stompbox enclosure
  • Expanded delay time
  • Eleven combinations of three virtual tape heads for rhythmic variety
  • Wow and flutter controls for adding pitch and timing instability
  • Twist effect footswitch control
  • Includes switchable digital model of original Space Echo preamp
  • Modeled RE-201 spring reverb with modern stereo functionality
  • Control/expression input and tap-tempo functionality
  • Dimensions: 2.88" x 5.13" x 2.38" (W x D x H)
  • Power Specs: 9V Alkaline battery, 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
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