BossME-90 Guitar Multieffects Processor


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Boss ME-90

Updating their classic multi-effects line, the BOSS ME-90 is an all-in-one guitar effects processor that boasts stellar sounds that can be dialed in and tweaked with immediacy. The ME line is well-known for its intuitive knob-per-function interface—laid out such that it almost feels like a real pedalboard with individual knobs and controls for each pedal. But inside, you'll find the most current, premium BOSS amp models and effects around, including new AIRD amps and effects from the GT1000. Paired with 24-bit and 32-bit converters in and out of the ME-90 and the internal 32-bit float processing, you'll have stellar guitar tones throughout the entire ME-90.

The ME-90 offers multi-functional footswitches with two operating modes: Manual—which behaves just like a regular pedalboard, and Memory—which recalls different presets. Speaking of presets, there are 36 ME-90 factory presets and 36 user slots for your own sounds. And if there's any effects missing from the ME-90 that are essential to your sound, the external effects loop allows you to incorporate your favorite pedals. Whether you're making the switch to modeling or need a simple and dependable all-in-one rig, the BOSS ME-90 won't disappoint.

ME-90 Features

  • Streamlined multi-effects processor
  • Knob-based interface feels like a traditional pedalboard
  • 24-bit AD, 32-bit DA conversion
  • 32-bit float processing, 48kHz sample rate
  • Amp modeling section plus 7 different effects slots
  • 11 new AIRD amp models
  • 60 effects borrowed from the BOSS GT-1000
  • External effects loop
  • 8 stomp switches, expression with toe switch
  • Manual mode for stomp behavior, Memory mode for preset selection
  • 36 factory presets, 36 user preset slots
  • ME-90 IR Loader software available for Windows and macOS
  • USB-C port for audio interface and BOSS Tone Studio connection
  • Dimensions: 443 x 220 x 93 mm / 17 1/2" x 8 11/16" x 3 11/16"
  • Power Specs: Included AC adaptor for 4x AA batteries
Boss ME-90 Guitar Multieffects Processor Reviews