BossIR-200 Amp and Cabinet Simulator Pedal


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Boss IR-200 Amp and Cabinet Simulator Pedal

Add stacks of tone to your setup with the new BOSS IR-200, an amp simulator designed to replicate some of the most renowned amps and cabinets with loadable and customizable impulse responses. The IR-200 boasts two impressive DSPs capable of supporting mono and stereo WAV files, with up to 32-bit floating point/96kHz resolution and up to 500 ms of natural bass response—a fantastic signal path for clean and clear results. The included 144 BOSS and 10 Celestion Digital IRs are capable of mimicking cabs and mic combos arranged in a multitude of ways, and can be saved in the available 128 memory/preset slots. For adding personal IRs to your IR-200, Boss provides a loader software available on Mac and Windows that's capable of storing 128 mono or 64 stereo WAV IRs.

Eight provided guitar amps offer classic clean, tweed, vintage and even more modern high-gain options, while the three bass amps offer punchy and harmonically rich textures. Additional controls found on amps such as gain, three-band EQ, and even a noise-suppressor can be edited within IR-200, and it is even possible to bypass the amp section completely to interface IR-200's cabinet IRs with an external amp/load box setup. The included FX loop route offers additional sound design before it hits the cab, supporting mono or stereo effects in serial and parallel performance. On top of fantastic amp and cab sims, you have two parametric or graphic insert EQs, three available ambience effects and two master EQs to sculpt your tone even further, creating wide, stereo sound profiles.

Complementary features include external footswitch control for scrolling through presets, expression pedal input, and MIDI I/O for advanced performance gestures, and a USB audio interface capable for recording and interfacing with streaming platforms. Whether you're practicing for your live setup, re-amping your DI recordings, or looking for something to expand your sonic palette, the IR-200 provides quality amplifiers and cabinets in a small and portable footprint.

IR-200 Features

  • Amp simulator and impulse response loader
  • 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit/96kHz
  • 144 BOSS IRs and 10 Celestion Digital IRs
  • 128 user IR slots for mono and stereo WAV files
  • Eight guitar and three bass amp simulations
  • Run up to two IRs at once in mono or stereo
  • Two EQs per preset and two global EQs
  • Room, studio, and hall ambience types
  • FX Loop send/return for pre-cab or post EQ
  • Additional 1/8" headphone output and auxiliary input
  • Footswitch and expression ins
  • MIDI I/O
  • Dedicated software to load cab IRs
  • Can act as USB audio interface for Mac, Windows and iOS
  • Dimensions: 4" x 5.44" x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: PSU included
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