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BossIR-2 Amp + Cabinet Modeler Pedal


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Boss IR-2

Boasting powerful amp modeling in the most iconic compact stompbox package, the BOSS IR-2 is a surprisingly full-featured alternative to real amplifiers, with 11 different models to choose from. Despite the small size, the IR-2 produces audio of exceptional quality, utilizing 32-bit float processing and a 96kHz sample rate. With this solid backing, the IR-2 provides 11 amp models paired with select high-quality IRs by guitar speaker legends Celestion. Amps include essential classics from Fender, Marshall, and Vox, but the inclusion of others like Mesa/Boogie, Soldano, and numerous BOSS originals give you a well-rounded package suitable for rock, blues, metal, and more.

Beyond your choice of amp model, the IR-2 does not overwhelm you with abundant controls. In fact, you'll feel like you're dialing in a real amp thanks to straightforward Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain, and Level controls. Additionally, you can dial in some "amp in the room" feel with the Ambience knob. For additional performability, IR-2 features two channels to toggle between different amps and settings, emulating clean and overdriven or rhythm and lead configurations. And thanks to the incorporated effects loop, you can put select drives, compressors, and modulation pedals before the IR-2 while leaving delays and reverbs clean.

The IR-2's usefulness extends well beyond a tool for the stage and rehearsal space. Alongside the top-mounted DC power jack, a headphone output lets you practice without disturbing others, while a USB-C port allows direct connection to your computer. You can use the IR-2 IR Loader application to swap in your own custom IRs, while DAWs can use the IR-2 as an audio interface, giving you a direct way to record great guitar tones into your music. Redefining what it means to be a compact amp modeling solution, the BOSS IR-2 gives you plenty of ways to make great guitar-based music.

IR-2 Features

  • Compact amp and cab modeling pedal
  • DSP running 96kHz, 32-bit float
  • 11 amp models matched with Celestion Digital IRs
  • Dual channel operation
  • Simple controls mirror real amps
  • Ambience control adds room feel
  • Mono input, stereo output
  • Effects loop with stereo return for post-amp effects
  • Headphone output
  • USB-C for computer connection, audio interfacing
  • Companion IR-2 IR Loader app for macOS and Windows
  • Optionally bypass amp/cab section independently
  • Dimensions: 73 x 129 x 59mm
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative (PSU not included)
Product Demo Videos
BOSS IR-2 Amp & Cabinet | Take Your Sound Anywhere
Get a professional direct guitar solution in a BOSS compact pedal.

When using a regular guitar amplifier, getting consistent tones in different performance situations can sometimes be a challenge. With the compact and versatile IR-2 in your rig, you’re always ready to deliver your signature sound directly to a house PA or recording setup when needed.

Choose from 11 premium amp types paired with Celestion Digital IRs and instantly tweak your sound via simple controls. Use the mono/stereo loop for post-amp effects and plug in headphones for monitoring and quiet practice. And with onboard USB-C, you can easily interface with music software and load in your favorite cab IRs.
Boss IR-2 Amp + Cabinet Modeler Pedal Reviews