BossGX-100 Guitar Effects Processor Pedal


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Boss GX-100

From your bedroom to the stage, the GX-100 from Boss is an all-in-one amp-simulator and effects processor for guitar and bass players to design stellar sounds for any genre of music. The flexible onboard DSP provides 23 different amplifier types for carving out the best tone for your instrument, and speaker selection with further expansion to include personal WAV impulse responses bring your modeled amplifier to life. The integrated AIRD technology allows the GX-100 to perform and model authentic-sounding tube amplifier tones and responses—create anything from warm and subtle to wailing walls of sound.

Creative pedal chaining has just gotten simpler with GX-100's collection of over 150 Boss effects onboard and ready for sound design. From overdrives and distortions to choruses and delays, the GX-100 supplies fantastic sounding tonal shaping tools, even including specially tuned bass effects. Fifteen different assignable blocks are the base of your amp and effects design, and the onboard touch screen makes it a cinch to experiment with multiple routings, navigate the interface, and keep things running smoothly. Onboard controls such as the customizable footswitches and volume pedal make performing the GX-100 like second nature, while fine-detailing to your sound can be handled via the front facing encoders and buttons.

Further expansion for control over your GX-100 is easy enough with multiple footswitch and expression pedal inputs as well as MIDI I/O connectivity for sequencing and keeping everything synchronized. Even featuring expandability to incorporate your current pedals via the FX loop, the GX-100 provides stellar user experience, performance, and overall great sound for any guitarist or bassist looking to expand their sonic possibilities.

GX-100 Features

  • Guitar and bass multi-effects and amp simulator
  • 23 amplifier types featuring authentic tube amp tone with AIRD technology
  • 150+ Boss effects featuring distortion, modulation, delays, and reverbs
  • 15 assignable blocks for a number of routing capabilities
  • Variety of cab/speaker options with support for loading WAV impulse responses
  • 24-bit/48kHz audio with 32-bit floating point processing
  • Touchscreen display for managing effect chains as well as performance settings
  • Send and return loop for incorporating external pedals
  • Onboard footswitches and expression pedal with opportunity to expand up to two footswitches and an extra expression pedal
  • MIDI I/O for external CC and sequencing controls as well as USB for MIDI and multi-channel audio
  • Dimensions: 18.13" x 7.63" x 2.88" (W x D x H)
  • Power Specs: 1.2A AC adapter (PSU included)
Boss GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor Pedal Reviews