Boredbrain MusicOptx ADAT Converter


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Boredbrain Music Optx

Connect a DAW to your modular or easily interconnect two cases with the Optx from Boredbrain Music. Eight channels of audio and CV input and output provide plenty of seamless entanglement between your case and computer. Use a few inputs to multitrack your voices while also sending certain CV signals to control parameters in your DAW (and vice versa), or process full projects through your modular effects and route them right back in your session.

With a plethora of ins and outs, you can use your computer setup as an integrated part of your instrument and you can save rack space by delegating certain duties to the computer. If you have a large collection of modular gear, the Optx is also quite useful as a high-quality case connection tool. Using only two optical cables, you can send and receive CV/audio easily and neatly. Expand the flexibility and capability of your case with Boredbrain Music's Optx.

Optx Features

  • ADAT lightpipe converter
  • 8 channels of inputs and outputs
  • DC-coupled outputs
  • AC-coupled inputs (cutoff at ~1Hz)—great for audio and some CV
  • Internal and external sync
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 78mA @ +12V, 78mA @ -12V
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Boredbrain Music Optx ADAT Converter Reviews