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Boredbrain MusicTerminal V2 Pedal Signal Router


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Boredbrain Terminal V2 Pedal Signal Router

The Terminal pedal by Boredbrain is the small-format effects router of your dreams. The pedal accepts any audio signal and creates a copy of it that can be sent through an effects processor. The processed signal can then be sent into the return of the same channel for fully wet processing or through a free channel on the pedal—creating a send and return style effect.

This idea can be extrapolated into a number of applications. For instance, if you want a guitar that is fully wet with a chorus, but you want to add a touch of delay as well without losing the full chorused sound: simply use the send output of your chorus channel, plug it into your delay, and send the delayed signal into the return of a separate channel. This gives you access to both signals so that you can tweak to whatever level you'd like without sacrificing any of the timbral quality of your original signal.

With version 2, Boredbrain took the chance to upgrade the 1/4" jacks to higher-quality components, update their finishing process, and make the entire unit totally lead-free. All 1/4" jacks are TRS suitable for balanced or stereo operation. The Terminal is a perfect choice for the pedal-heavy musician who wants to have a semi-permanent yet malleable setup with which to shape their tones.

Terminal v2 Features

  • Routing pedal
  • Balanced/stereo TRS connections
  • Four channels of send and return for your effects
  • Half-normalization of inputs creates perfect copies of your signal
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3 x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: Passive
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