BomeBomeBox MIDI Hub


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Bome BomeBox

The BomeBox by Bome is a MIDI hub, perfect for routing and mapping devices in a variety of ways without the need for a computer. The connections include ethernet, USB-A, and two 5-pin DIN MIDI ports for input and output. The USB Host type A can act as a host device for USB MIDI devices or even connect and configure a QWERTY keyboard to map to MIDI information. The two ethernet ports that can be used as network devices as well as supply power to the BomeBox.

Pairing devices such as computers, mobile devices, or another BomeBox over WIFI is easy to do with the press of the pair button. All MIDI devices currently connected to the WIFI or ethernet port can be freely routed with unlimited MIDI mapping. For maximum versatility, the WIFI can act as a hotspot, hub, or client. Easily change the settings and configurations using a tablet, mobile device, or computer over WIFI or ethernet. If you're looking for a comprehensive hub for all of your MIDI devices, the BomeBox is a fantastic all-in-one solution for mapping and routing.

BomeBox Features

  • MIDI hub
  • Connect via USB, 5-pin DIN MIDI, ethernet, or WIFI
  • WIFI can act as a hotspot, hub, or client
  • Power and data over ethernet
  • Connect to all devices on the ethernet network
  • Unlimited MIDI routing
  • Easily configure using mobile devices, tablet, or computer
  • Create long MIDI runs over ethernet
  • Dimensions: 121 x 96 x 38mm
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