Blue LanternTW DCO Digital Oscillator


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Blue Lantern TW DCO

Blue Lantern's TW DCO is a digital VCO that utilizes Tom Wiltshire's DCO PIC IC in addition to sporting a 200nf capacitor on the wavetable CV input. There's also a sub-oscillator and CV control over the Detune and Wave parameters. Additionally, the Tune knob is quantized, meaning it locks to a chromatic scale when turned.

TW DCO Features

  • 10 Octave note range from 8.18Hz to 8372Hz
  • 16 Waves in the table
  • 8 Sub Osc waves
  • Bit Crush Control, from 8-bit to 1-bit. 8 bit 62.5KHz Sample Rate
  • On board Glide effect parameter
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 32mm
  • Current draw: 27mA @ +12V, 25mA @ -12V
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