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Blue Lantern Sir Mix Alot 6 CH Mixer

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Blue Lantern Sir Mix Alot

The Sir Mix Alot, from Blue Lantern, is a six-channel mono mixer designed for use in Eurorack synthesizer systems. The module features mute switches for each channel, per-channel AC/DC toggle switches (meaning it can handle audio and CV signals simultaneously), and connections that allow for multiple Sir Mix Alot modules to be chained together for even more expansive mixing capabilities. Additionally, the module’s input level can be switched between Eurorack and line-levels, meaning users can patch more than just their Eurorack gear into the inputs. 

Sir Mix Alot Features

  • 6 Inputs with level knobs
  • Select AC for audio rate signals and DC for control voltage signals (per channel!)
  • Mute switches make for quick, fun, hands on switching between signals.
  • Output level knob for easy attenuation of the mixed signal
  • Direct In is used to chain more then one mixer, or use as a line level input.
  • There is a slide switch on the back of the module to select either "synth level" or "line level" for the direct in.


  • Eurorack Module
  • 12 HP Wide
  • Roughly 3.2 cm deep
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